Switzerland Professional   FSX  

for Microsoft Flightsimulator FSX and FS2004      now in stock !
7640101480627   Fr. 199.-   Design: Jeff Stähli    Landmarks: Michu Röthlisberger

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FSX_CHPROX_500.jpg (89526 Byte)

The new Switzerland Professional is the ultimate VFR-scenery and is now made for the FSX!

 Every 3D object has been positioned absolutely realistic in whole Switzerland.
 The houses are placed at the actual spot.
 The trees and forests in 3D are precisely set.
 To thrill the scenery, all sightseeing spots like the house of parliament in Bern,
the great minster of Zurich, the chapel bridge in Lucerne, the cathedral of St. Gall
and lots more are highlights to enjoy your flights.
 All big waters and rivers are simulated with FSX-water effects.
Leatest sensation: Winter texture !
A other sensation: Night texture !
Texture resolution: 2m/pixel  Mesh: 20m
 The new Switzerland Professional is effective for FSX and FS 2004.

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580_CHPROX_Zürich_Münster.jpg (97557 Byte)

cathedral of Zürich

580_CHPROX_VS_Matterhorn_01.jpg (86158 Byte)



580_CHPROX_BE_Berner_Altstadt.jpg (130826 Byte)

historc city of Berne with Zytglogge tower


580_CHPROX_BE_Eiger_Mönch_Jungfrau_01.jpg (104610 Byte)

Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau


580_CHPROX_LU_Kappelbrücke_Pilatus.jpg (108476 Byte)

Luzern with chapel bridge and Pilatus


580_CHPROX_TI_SanSalvatore.jpg (77979 Byte)

San Salvatore view side from Lugano


580_CHPROX_BS_BIZ_Lonza.jpg (101371 Byte)

BZI-Tower and LONZA-builduing at the back of Basel

580_CHPROX_Säntis.jpg (97196 Byte)

Säntis with Schwägalp 

580_CHPROX_Chur_gettingnight.jpg (96419 Byte)
sunsetting Chur
580_CHPROX_ILS14_LSZH_Januarabend_02.jpg (99366 Byte)
January approach Zürich ILS14
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580_CHPROX_Sendemasten_Chasseral.jpg (97889 Byte)
580_CHPROX_Windkraftwerk_ MontSoleil.jpg (66269 Byte)
windpark Mont Soleil near St-Imier ( turning rotors )

580_CHPROX_FLP_Neuchâtel.jpg (95546 Byte)

approach Neuchâtel

580_CHPROX_FLP_Payerne.jpg (127289 Byte)

low ride over Payerne

580_CHPROX_FLP_Motiers.jpg (118573 Byte)

Jura - airport Motiers


580_CHPROX_GR_Winteranflug_Samedan.jpg (127270 Byte)

winter approach Samedan


580_CHPROX_AKW_Gösgen.jpg (126626 Byte)

Atomic power station Gösgen



City of St.Gallen
abbae of St.Gallen
airfield Schänis with Speer and Säntis in the back
Linthebene with a lot of traffic / right side on top: Bachtel
chateau Sargans
our lake of Pfaeffikon ZH !
Einsiedeln and Sihlsee
sunset at the Mythen
Küssnacht near the Rigi
Buochs Approach
airfield Kägiswil
view from Pilatus
( clic to the images to enlarge ! )
left Engelberg right Trüebseeck and on top the with Titlis
Hornfluh near Saanen
Here you see how exactly the color separation program has set the trees !
Lausanne Blecherette
Approach Geneva
Geneva City
Magadinoebene with Mte. Ceneri
Approaching Locarno
roadway of Melide
environment of Lugano
Chrischona tower near Basel
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